BEST Amazon Curtains Under $40!

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This post is all about the Best Amazon Curtains.

best amazon curtains

I found the BEST Amazon Curtains!! I just have to share these crazy good curtains I found on Amazon. A little back story. I recently moved, and I wanted to put up matching linen curtains or linen drapes throughout the main floor of my new home. I wanted high-end looking pleated curtains at a budget friendly price, of course. #BestAmazonCurtains #AffordableCurtains #AffordableAmazonCurtains #BudgetAmazonCurtain #CheapAmazonLuxuryCurtains

This post is all about the Best Amazon Curtains.

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Research Options

I did a lot of research, and had really looked at buying the highly recommended and famous TwoPages Curtains available on Amazon. I specifically looked at the following Amazon TwoPages Curtains:

In order to cover all the windows on my main floor with new curtains, I would need 10 curtain panels. The 52″ x 84″ TwoPages curtains were approximately $139 per panel. I just couldn’t fathom spending almost $1,400 on curtains. Don’t get me wrong, the TwoPages curtains are beautiful, and people just rave about the quality and beauty of them in the Amazon reviews, but I knew I needed to find a more affordable curtain.

So, my hunt for an affordable high-end curtain was on. I spent hours online looking at curtains on Amazon, Target, Kohls, JCPenney, Walmart, and everywhere I could think of. The price was just so high for the high-end looking curtains that I had in mind.

Best Amazon Curtains: Under $40

After a ton of research, I eventually found the BEST and most affordable high-end curtains on Amazon. The INOVADAY 100% Blackout Curtains. Here is a link to the exact INOVADAY curtains that I used in my home. I ordered mine in the Beige color, and they are absolutely beautiful.

The BEST Amazon Curtains – INOVADAY 100% Blackout Curtains

The 50″ x 84″ curtain panels were only $38.95, for TWO panels. Yes, TWO panels are included in the package. To cover all the windows in my home with the INOVADAY Curtains, it would cost less than $200. What a no-brainer when compared to $1,400. P.S. I did my due diligence and checked reviews, and the INOVADAY curtains receive outstanding Amazon ratings too. I was definitely comfortable ordering a set to check them out.

amazon inovaday curtains

Quality Check and Wrinkle Removal

When they arrived, I immediately noticed they were really great high-quality fabric. It was very thick, and the lining was also nice and thick. Some reviews on Amazon mentioned uneven stitching, but none of the INOVADAY curtains I ordered had this problem. The first thing I did was throw the curtains in the dryer for a few cycles. This removed all the wrinkles and folding lines, without even needing to iron. They even come with a set of black curtain rings, so you don’t even need to buy separate curtain rings (unless you were wanting to use a color other than black). Lucky for me, black curtain rings was exactly what I wanted.

Close-up linen curtains

Best Amazon Curtains – Close up of the beautiful fabric

Best Amazon Curtains: One Minor Adjustment

Of course at this price, the INOVADAY curtains can’t be totally PERFECT, right? It’s true, there is one minor problem with these affordable curtains. They don’t come with pocket pleats. This is not a huge problem, if you weren’t going for the pleated curtain look, but in my case, I was set on pleated curtains. So, I improvised, and added pleating tape to the curtains myself. I got a really good method figured out and I could get pleating tape added to each panel in less than 5 minutes each. It was truly so simple, and the pleating tape was also super cheap. See below for a link to my no-sew tutorial where I will step you through adding the pleating tape to your curtains.

pleated drapes close-up

Check out this close-up of the pleating (not too bad)!

No Sew Method to add Pleating Tape to Curtains (Under $50)

For those of you that want the pleated curtain look (like photo above), I posted a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through how I added the pleating tape to these Amazon curtains. Check out my full tutorial to add pleating tape to curtains here: Pleat Perfection: A Simple No-Sew Approach to Add Pleating Tape to Curtains.

Complete the Look with the Ivilon Curtain Rod

Complete your curtain setup with the stunning Ivilon Curtain Rods from Amazon. The end cap style design and sturdy hardware make them the perfect match for your beautiful new pleated curtains. These are the rods I used, and I can attest to their quality. For less than $30 each, I couldn’t be more pleased with these Ivilon curtain rods!

drapery rod

Close up of the Ivilon curtain rod

Ivilon Drapery Window Curtain Rod – End Cap Style Design 1 Inch Pole. 72 to 144 Inch Color Black

I’m so glad I found the best Amazon curtains! With quality, affordability, and a touch of DIY creativity, you can upgrade your window treatments for a fraction of the cost. #CheapAmazonCurtains #CheapAmazonDrapes #AmazonDrapes #BestAmazonDrapes #BestAmazonCheapCurtains

This post was all about the Best Amazon Curtains

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