Working From Home Office Essentials 2024

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This post is all about must have home office essentials.

Working from home office essentials

It’s 2024 and working from home is more and more common. It’s crucial to create a separate place in your home office that will allow you to be comfortable and productive. Transform your work from home experience with our home office essentials list! Discover the ultimate home office essentials that will elevate your workspace to new heights, so you can create an ideal and productive home office environment. Boost productivity and make your home office a place you’ll love to work in. See below for my list of home office essentials.

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This post explores all of the must have home office essentials.

Home Office Essentials List

Check out our list of home office essentials below!

Home Office Desk

A ergonomic and comfortable home office desk is a must. Depending on your space limitations, L-shaped home office desks are very nice because they typically allow for ample desk top space.

I personally have the Sauder Cannery Bridge L-Desk and I absolutely love it. It’s not too big, is very durable and is a really good low cost option.

Home WiFi

WiFi 6 Mesh System – TP-link AX3000 Deco X55 WiFi 6 Mesh system

Having a reliable home network is crucial. To work anywhere in the house, you need to have good internet signals in all areas of your home. I upgraded my home WiFi network to the TP-Link WiFi 6 mesh system. I have 4 of the Deco AX3000 strategically placed throughout my house. I even added one to our detached garage for full coverage in the garage. They work great and I highly recommend them.

Office Chair | Office Chairs

It is absolutely worth it to invest in a good home office chair. All the rage lately is the extra wide “criss-cross” office chairs. I plan to purchase one soon! Do you have one? Are they all they are hyped up to be? Share in the comments below!

Highly rated office criss-cross chairs

Other highly rated office chairs

Office Chair Mat

Don’t forget to pick up an office chair mat to save your hard flooring from scrapes and scuffs. Chair mats are also a must if your office has plush carpet.

Space heater

Stay warm and cozy by adding a small space heater to your work area! Check out these highly rated portable space heaters available on Amazon.

Heated keyboard pad

Heated keyboard pads are the new “must have” for home offices. I’ve had coworkers tell me this is as life changing as the heated steering wheel!

Get your heated keyboard pad on Amazon here:

Standing Desk or Standing Desk Converter

Electric Standing Table:

Standing desks are so affordable now and are perfect for your home office. You can grab a really highly rated electric standing desk for less than $200.

Check out this beautiful electric standing desk that comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. There are a lot of options on Amazon, but this electric standing desk is raved about, so I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.

Standing Desk Converters

Already have a desk you love, but want to stand at times? You can simply add a standing desk converter. There are many standing desk converter options, but Varidesk and Flexispot are the ones I have tried and love!

Varidesk Standing Desk Converters

The Varidesk standing desk converters are available in a variety of sizes and models. These are very well built, and work really well.

Other Varidesk Size Options:
36″ Corner Standing Desk | 48″ Standing Desk | 30″ Standing Desk

Flexispot standing desk converters

The Flexispot standing desks are another really great option. One thing we really like about the Flexispot standing desks is that when they rise, they go more upward than backward. Since they lift almost directly vertical, you don’t have to back up a lot from your desk when using them. This saves space and works well in places where you may not have a lot of room. So, if you are debating between the Varidesk and Flexispot and you have a small office space, I’d recommend going with the Flexispot.

Other Flexispot Size Options:
31″ Standing Deskย ย  | 36″ Electric Converterย ย 

Other Standing Desk Converters

I’ve found quite a few highly rated alternative options on Amazon that look very similar to the Varidesk and Flexispots. Check out these VIVO standing desk converters that are highly rated on Amazon and very affordable!

VIVO 36 inch Desk Converter

VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter with monitor stand (arms)

File Cabinets

Be sure to grab some extra file cabinets. You can pick one up for around $80 on Amazon.


There are plenty of options for nice bookcases that you can use to display books or simply organize your office space. You could go with a cube storage shelving unit, or a simple standard 5 shelf bookcase. I am really loving the look of the industrial style ladder shelf and industrial style 5 shelf bookcases.

Cube Storage

Standard 5 shelf Bookcase

Industrial Style Bookcase

Ladder Shelf Bookcase

Desk Organizers

Grab a cute and modern desktop organizer to help keep your work space and desk area tidy!

Best Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Get a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. You will love the Logitech options because they have great battery life and are so reliable! Get the combo for around $50!

Dual monitors

If you are only using one monitor, you’re losing so much productivity. I typically use 3 monitors. Once you add at least one additional monitor, you’re going to be wondering how in the world you were ever managing with only one monitor!

Here are some great monitor options!

Dell 27″ Monitor

Sceptre 27″ Monitor

Sceptre 24″ Monitor

Charging Stand

No home office is complete without a good phone charging stand. I LOVE this multi-charging stand. It works with Mag-safe and holds my AirPods, iPhone, and Apple Watch! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee drinkers MUST have a home office desk coffee mug warmer! Grab this highly rated coffee mug warmer that is available in 5 cute colors!

Bluetooth Headset | Noise Cancelling Headphones

On the phone a lot? Go handsfree with a bluetooth headset for your home office. Check out this highly rated Bluetooth headset for under $40.

USB Headset with Mic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Desk Lamps

Light up your home office space! Don’t forget to add a desk lamp for extra lighting where you need it.

LED Desk Lamp

Adjustable Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Surge Protector

Make sure your home office is protected. Computers, computer monitors, hard drives, and other technical equipment should ALWAYS be plugged into a surge protector.

Amazon Basics 8 Outlet Surge Protector

Anker 12 Outlet Surge Protector

Laptop Stand

Elevate your laptop screen to a more ergonomic and comfortable viewing height with a laptop stand. If you spend a lot of hours in your home office, a laptop stand is a must!

Soundance Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

Blue Light Glasses

Protect your eyes from blue light with a pair of blue light glasses.

Blue Light Glasses 2-pack – black and clear

Blue Light Glasses 3 pack – black, tortoise, clear

Blue Light Screen Protector | Anti-Blue Light Filter

An alternative to blue light glasses is a blue light screen protector. Simply attach to your screen and protect your eyes from Blue Light and UV.

Anti-Blue Light Filter – Blue Light Screen Protector

Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector – Anti-UV Protection

I hope you find this list of home office essentials helpful! Let us know if there are other home office essentials that we should add to our list in the comments below!

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This post was all about must have home office essentials.

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