20 Best Amazon Bar Stools Available Today

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This post is all about the best Amazon Bar Stools!

amazon bar stools

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Amazon bar stools, you’ve come to the right place! Amazon offers a vast selection of bar stools, ranging from luxurious leather and plush upholstered styles to sleek backless designs. One thing that you’ll notice if you’re shopping for bar stools, is how many different features and styles there are. Here are some of the features and bar stool categories that you’ll find on Amazon.

  • Amazon High-Back Bar Stools
  • Amazon Low-Back Bar Stools
  • Amazon Backless Bar Stools
  • Amazon Counter-height Bar Stools
  • Amazon Bar-Height Bar stools
  • Amazon Upholstered Bar Stools
  • Amazon Leather Bar Stools
  • Amazon Swivel Bar stools
  • Amazon Square Seat Bar Stools
  • Amazon Round Bar Stools
  • Amazon Saddle Bar Stools
  • Amazon Bucket Bar Stools
  • Amazon Height-Adjustable Bar Stools

With so many bar stool styles, features, and choices, how do you begin to choose? First, it’s important to consider who will be using the bar stools and their specific needs. For example, if children are going to be using the bar stools, easy-to-clean materials like leather or metal might be the best choice. I once had a dining table with fabric seats, and with two kids, I knew I would NEVER buy fabric chairs again. They were so easily stained, ripped easily, and were honestly just a nightmare. So, for me, my main consideration was that whatever style I choose, it needed to be easy to keep clean. Other factors to consider include whether you prefer a full-back or backless design, and whether you prefer bar stools that swivel or are height adjustable.

One last thing to note is that it is important to make sure your bar stools are the correct height for your space. Be sure to measure to determine whether counter-height or bar-height stools are more suitable.

And remember, don’t be afraid to mix styles! Your bar stools don’t have to match your dining chairs perfectly. You can easily go with a more distinct bar stool style to add some character to your room!

Let’s dive into all my favorite Amazon bar stools!

Mid-Century Modern Bar Stools

These unique mid-century modern bar stools are definitely one of my top picks! I really love the rattan and wood look of these stools. They are really gorgeous and will pair perfectly with many different decor options. They are also available in a few other color options. See colors and styles here: https://amzn.to/3VCCtHj

PURPLE LEAF Counter Height Bar Stool – Outdoor and Indoor Modern Barstool

You cannot go wrong with these beautiful bar stools. Bonus – they can be used indoors and outdoors!

Leather Swivel Counter Stools

Theses modern leather swivel counter height bar stools are gorgeous! They come in brown, black, white, gray and green. The green bar stools are bold and very beautiful, so if you want a pop of bold style and flare, go with the green color stools!

Upholstered Faux Leather Barstools with Rattan Back

These bar stools are another one of my overall favorites. They are just so modern and stylish. They come in black and white, and can have the option for a rattan back or fully solid upholstered back. View all colors and styles here: https://amzn.to/4czmDEf

Faux Leather Bar Stools – Counter Height Bar Stools with Back

These bar stools are not only gorgeous with the beautiful white stitching, but they are also totally height adjustable! These bar stools have multiple color options, including a really unique teal color, that you really HAVE to see (check here: https://amzn.to/3VZiG66). Teal bar stools would definitely be a fun and vibrant choice to add a little color to your space.

180° Swivel Suede Fabric Stool Chairs with Woven Back and Footrest

How gorgeous and unique are these bar stools? I adore the woven backs on these bar stools. These might just be my overall top pick!

Counter Height Swivel Barstools, Upholstered Fabric Bar Stools

These bar stools are perfect! These are available as upholstered or leather and have some stylish color choices. I love that these bar stools also swivel!

CHITA Counter Height Metal Bar stools

These bar stools look so comfortable and gorgeous. They are available in multiple color options, but my favorite is the black with the good metal! Check here for a really gorgeous deep blue color option: https://amzn.to/3VGlVOG

CHITA Counter Height Swivel Barstools Performance Fabric

These Amazon bar stools are highly rated. They are available in 17 different styles and colors. Shop these bar stools on Amazon to see all the gorgeous color options.

Aklaus Metal Bar Stools Set of 4

These industrial style bar stools are available in multiple color options. Check colors and styles here: bar stool colors

HOMCOM Modern Bar Stools, Tufted Upholstered Barstools

These Amazon bar stools are a really great option if you want an upholstered style. The tufted backs, look so stylish! (https://amzn.to/3xz3zXO)


PHI VILLA Bar Stools Set of 3 – Counter Height Bar Stool Leather Stools

I adore the modern sleek and simple design of these bar stools. These bar stools are also available in multiple color options! View all bar stool colors.

Bentwood Swivel Bar stools with Back & Footrest

Talk about modern and unique! These uniquely designed bar stools will be the focal point of your space! These swivel bar stools are available in white, black , green, brown, and blue. See all color options here: https://amzn.to/3XDSBLp

Sophia & William 24″ Counter Height Bar Stools

If you are looking for a simple backless bar stool, these bar stools are a great option.

Maven Lane Adrien Saddle Bar Stool

If you like saddle style bar stools, check these out. Available in multiple wood and color options to fit any decor!

Mid Century Modern Counter Stools

Top pick contender here! I love these bar stools and the rattan backs. There are 9 color and design options including both the rattan back and solid back options. See all colors and styles here: https://amzn.to/3XDSRKn

360°Swivel Upholstered Bar Stools with Back

Here is a really great upholstered swivel bar stool option. These bar stools also have 5 color options. See all bar stool colors here: https://amzn.to/3VHIZg5

Mid-Century Modern Retro Bar Chairs

So, maybe these awesome mid-century modern bar stools are my favorite? They are so pretty and unique! Available in dark grey and light grey!

Faux Leather Bar Stools with Metal Legs and Footrest

These are a very popular modern style of bar stools, and for good reason. They are easy to clean, practical and simply gorgeous. They come in a variety of color options too! See all colors here: https://amzn.to/3KXxL1I

Leather Barstools with Back

Sleek and modern. I really love these bar stools. If you want a pop of color, check out the blue, green, and teal color options!

Wow! That was a ton of really great Amazon bar stool options. Amazon has thousands of bar stools, and there are just so many really great styles available! Hopefully I took the work out of it for you and you were able to find your perfect bar stools from my list!

Which Amazon bar stools are your favorite?  Do you have other Amazon bar stools that you love and want to share? I would love to hear from you!  Drop a comment below!

This post was all about the best Amazon Bar Stools.

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