IPL Hair Removal Devices Really Work!

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This post is all about IPL hair removal.

IPL Hair Removal Options

I LOVE shaving my legs. It’s something I look forward to every day. I love that the hair on my legs grows so incredibly fast, that I am prickly within hours of shaving. I hope there is never a day that I don’t get the opportunity to shave my legs… 🙂 #NoMoreShaving #HairRemovalAtHome

Now, let’s be honest, I DESPISE shaving. I’m confident that 100% of you agree with me on that. It takes forever, I get ingrown hairs, and honestly, it’s just awful. I don’t have time to wax my legs, nor do I want to deal with that period of time where you have to let your hairs grow long enough to wax. I’ve really considered getting professional laser hair treatments, but those are just way too expensive for me to justify.

Hair Epilator’s actually work pretty darn good, but I have to let my hairs get a little longer before I can use it, and I just don’t like that. If you are interested in trying an epilator, here is a good epilator you can buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3RVui80. *Note, epilators are kind of painful, so be ready for that!

This post is all about IPL hair removal.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices

Disclaimer: The information shared in this blog post is based on my personal experience with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair laser treatment. While I have found it beneficial, individual results may vary. I am not a professional dermatologist, and this post is not intended to provide medical advice. It is crucial to follow the instructions and guidelines provided with any IPL device meticulously. Results, safety, and precautions can vary, and I cannot guarantee the same outcomes for everyone. Consultation with a qualified healthcare professional is recommended before embarking on any hair removal treatment. Please prioritize your safety and adhere to the recommended procedures for the best possible results.

Back in 2020, I started noticing IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices becoming more popular. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. There were quite a few on Amazon that were pretty reasonably priced. I ended up picking up this device back in 2020 for around $189:

IMENE 500,000 Flashes IPL Device

Permanent Hair Removal for Women & Men, IMENE 500,000 Flashes IPL Permanent Hair Removal & Upgrade Ice Compress - Home Use Hair Remover on Bikini line, Legs, Arms, Armpits - More Safe and Comfortable

Instead of starting with my legs, I started with my armpits and bikini line. I used it as instructed, which was 2 or 3 times a week for the first few weeks. You gradually reduce the number of treatments per week, until you are down to 1 per week. *Read and follow the instructions provided by your IPL laser hair removal device. I saw results within the first two weeks. My hairs were much thinner and they stopped growing back altogether within about 4 weeks. I was really happy with the results I got from the IMENE IPL Laser hair removal device. I never did try my legs, because the treatments take a while, and I didn’t have the patience. You have to go over each spot 2 or 3 times per treatment, and there are a few seconds between flashes. So, it just really takes a while. If you are willing to put the time in, it actually does work, though. I decided that I would just focus on one area of my body at a time, so it was more manageable to stay persistent with it.

Fast forward to 2023, and I noticed that PRICES DROPPED SIGNIFICANTLY on IPL Laser Hair Removal devices. There were so many available, and they were being advertised everywhere. I’m sure you have all seen the Ulike devices advertised constantly on TikTok. Many women swear by the Ulike IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices, but the price tag was still pretty high at over $200 for these devices. So, unless Ulike was going to send me one to review for free, I wasn’t going to purchase one at that price point.

Then there is also the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5. This IPL device is more costly but does go on sale for around $350 from time to time (check current price). If money were not an issue, I would definitely go with the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 because it promises results much faster than most IPL devices. Here are the Braun and Ulike devices, if you have the money to spend! 😉

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

*Brand New ModelUlike Air 10

Updated 2024 model with dual lights and SHR Mode – See full specs on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3xWcMcI

So, I kept looking, until I found a comparable device. I was able to find a really good valued device on Amazon. This IPL Laser Hair Removal Device had more power (19.35J) than my current device, and was only $84.99. I figured at that price, it was totally worth trying.

Unfortunately, the one I purchased (ARTOLF Ice-Cooling Laser Hair Removal) is no longer available on Amazon. 😒 The good news is that I actually found what appears to be an EVEN BETTER device than the one I currently have! The INNZA Laser Hair Removal with Ice Cooling Function has a max power of 24J, has the ice cooling function and is incredibly affordable (typically on sale for $60-$80) – Check Current Price

INNZA Laser Hair Removal with Ice Cooling Function for Women and Men,Painless IPL Hair Removal Device,24J High Energy Hair Removal Handset

When I got an IPL Hair Removal Device, I was especially interested in flash speed. I wanted to tackle my legs, and I knew I needed it to move quickly, or I would give up on the process. I found out that the higher the intensity level, the slower the flash speed. The higher intensity makes it eliminate hair growth better, but it is much slower between flashes. So, I ended up doing most of my treatments on a level 6 or 7, which allowed for much quicker flash speeds. The quicker flash speeds allowed me to complete a treatment in a reasonable amount of time.

My Results

I have to say I am overall really happy with the results. I have been “kind of” consistently using the IPL Laser Hair Removal device on my legs since I bought it back in July 2023. So, it has been around 6 months. I would say I have probably 15% of hair growth left. I still have hair, but it is only about 15% of what I used to have. I am confident that if I stay consistent for another month or two, I’ll get rid of the rest of the remaining hair and I will NEVER SHAVE AGAIN! I am determined to have this accomplished before summer. Can you imagine? A summer where you don’t have to worry about shaving constantly? Count me in!

Here are the two devices I have. It’s crazy how much prices have went down on these things!

IPL Devices
  • ARTOLF Ice-Cooling Laser Hair Removal – no longer available. The INNZA Laser Hair Removal with Ice Cooling Function looks to be a good alternative upgrade option – https://amzn.to/4aFnbI8
  • IMENE 500,000 Flashes IPL Permanent Hair Removal – https://amzn.to/3SbFcFS

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This post was all about IPL hair removal.

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