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This post is all about the best black paint color.

Best black paint

You guys… I found the BEST Black Paint color! If you are searching for the perfect black paint color, you have to check out BEHR Limousine Leather. It is a really deep black paint color. It’s a black black… and I absolutely love it! I don’t see any other color undertones, and I have used it in many different lighted places throughout my home. It’s just the perfect, deep black. If you are searching for the perfect true black paint color, BEHR’s Limousine Leather has to be a contender! #BehrLimousineLeather #BestBehrBlackPaint #BehrBlackPaint #BestBlackPaint #TrueBlackPaint

Here are some photos of the many places I have used Behr Limousine Leather in my home! All of these photos depict BEHR Limousine Leather in Eggshell sheen. You can purchase BEHR paints at your local Home Depot!

This post is all about the Best Black Paint Color.

Best Black Paint – BEHR Limousine Leather – Front Entry Doors

Black front entry doors painted

Best Black Paint – BEHR Limousine Leather – Office Accent Wall

black accent walls office

Best Black Paint – BEHR Limousine Leather – Accent Walls

black accent walls fireplace

Best Black Paint – BEHR Limousine Leather – Gym Interior Doors

Black interior doors

Another thing I really love about BEHR’s Limousine Leather color, is the way it has the perfect sheen. BEHR Limousine Leather in Eggshell, is just beautiful!

PS. If you like the White walls you’re seeing in the above photos, check out my favorite BEHR White Paint here.

Decorating with Black Accents: BEHR Limousine Leather

I love the look of black, white, tan and natural wood and that’s pretty much the theme in my home. If you’re planning to paint in black, check out these super cute and affordable décor and furniture options!

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite sofa table. Best part is it is under $40!

See links below for décor inspiration, or view my post “The Very Best Amazon Sleek and Affordable Modern Black Sofa Table

Here are links to some of the items or similar items that I used to decorate my sofa table.

I really love the look of natural light wood with black accents, so if you are adding a sofa table to a black painted wall, you could go with this gorgeous and affordable natural wood sofa table. It is also available in black and white.

You can add so much style with some throw pillows, but unfortunately they can be so expensive! Throw pillow covers to the rescue! I’m in love with using throw pillow covers, because they can easily be swapped out, and easily taken off to wash! Check out my favorite throw pillow covers below!

Amazon Throw Pillow Covers

Learn more about using throw pillow covers here: Budget-Friendly Elegance: Transform Your Space with Amazon Throw Pillow Covers

Gorgeous and Affordable Curtains that Go Perfectly with Black Accents

See below for the beautiful curtains I have throughout my home. I really loved the price on these at under $40 for 2 panels. If you like these too, and want a pinch pleated look, check out my tutorial on how I added pleating tape to my curtains without sewing here: Pleat Perfection: A Simple No-Sew Approach to Add Pleating Tape to Curtains.

best amazon curtains

If you have a little more budget, the highly rated and popular TwoPages curtains already have pleating tape and are simply gorgeous with Black décor:

TwoPages – Lined – Liz Linen Collection, Heavyweight Lined TwoPage curtains:

Paint Brushes and Supplies

Don’t forget that any good paint job requires good painting supplies. Check out these Amazon Painting Supplies:

I hope you love this black paint color as much as I do! #LimousineLeather #BehrPaintBlack #BeautifulBlackPaint #PerfectBlackPaint #FavoriteBlackPaint

This post was all about the best black paint color.

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