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This post is all about the best white paint.

best white paint

I really love the look of crisp and clean white walls. For a while I was in love BEHR Dolphin Fin, which is a really beautiful light grey color. I just really wanted the modern and timeless look of white walls in my new home. So, I brought home pretty much every white paint color swatch from my local Home Depot and started my quest to find the perfect white paint color.

My plan was to paint nearly every single wall in my new home white, except for a few accent walls that I planned to paint in black. I wrote a whole separate post about my favorite black paint color, that you can view here, if you’re interested. Needless to say, I wanted to be certain that I had a white paint color that I loved. I needed to make sure it didn’t pick up other colors easily, or look vastly different at different times of day, or under different lighting.

This post is all about the best white paint color.

The Perfect White – BEHR Blank Canvas

I ended up finding a white paint color that is my absolute favorite: BEHR Blank Canvas. BEHR Blank Canvas was actually the BEHR color of the year in 2023, and I certainly would give it my vote for best white paint color too!

So far I have painted every wall on the main floor of my home in BEHR Blank Canvas. I could not be happier with this shade of white . It looks the same in all lighting, and it doesn’t have any weird undertones. It’s just the perfect white color, exactly what I was looking for!

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Here are some photos of BEHR Blank Canvas in my home! All of these photos depict BEHR Blank Canvas in Eggshell sheen. You can purchase BEHR paints at your local Home Depot!

BEHR Blank Canvas – Living Room

Here are some photos of BEHR Blank Canvas in my living room!

White Blank Canvas Paint
Behr Blank Canvas Living Room
Blank Canvas wall color

I also found the BEST Black Paint color. Check out my favorite BEHR Black Paint here.

Paint Brushes and Supplies

Don’t forget that any good paint job requires good painting supplies. Check out these Amazon Painting Supplies:

I really do think BEHR’s Blank Canvas is absolute most gorgeous and perfect white paint color. #BeautifulWhitePaint #PerfectWhitePaint #FavoriteWhitePaint

This post was all about the best white paint color.

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